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Big Foot Saw & Nail Gun Hanger

The Big Foot Saw & Nail Gun Hanger allows your tool to be safely hung from joists, rafters & trusses – from a flat to a 12/12 pitch.  When it’s not in use, it folds flat – out of the way making it convenient and safe to use.

Fits the following models: 7-1/4″ & 8-1/4″ SKILSAWs and all Big Foot Saws (2014 and older), Senco Frame Pro 502 & 702 nail guns, MAX SN883RH Super Framer& GS683RS cordless nail guns, Supco 88 nail guns and Hitachi NR65AK, NR832A, NR83, NR832B, NR90AC3 nail guns.