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Hand Held Bolt Hole Marker


The Big Foot Bolt Hole Marker is an important framing tool that will save you so much time and will make your plating jobs even easier. The Big Foot universal bolt hole marker lets you mark the five most common bolt sizes with just one tool. Big Foot’s universal bolt hole marker eliminates speed square bolt marking and helps framers work faster and more accurately. 


  • After the lines are snapped on your foundation, place your bottom plate on the outside of the wall line.
  • Whatever size bolt is in the foundation, dial the bolt hole indicator to the proper bolt size and place it on the bolt.
  • Hit the bolt hole marker with a hammer for either 2×4 plate or 2×6 plate, leaving an easy to see mark to show where to drill.


The Big Foot Bolt Hole Marker is so accurate you can drill your hole just 1/16” over size, which makes your jobs so much nicer fitting and clean.  No more drilling 3/8” oversize just to get close to the hole when you stand your wall up.  Big Foot Tools offers 2 styles of Bolt Hole Marker, a Stand-up and a hand held version.

 Five different bolt sizes:  ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 1”, and 1 ¼”

  • Locking indicator wheel stays firmly in place bolt to bolt
  • Made of durable steel and powder coated to prevent rust
  • Bolt Hole Markers are MADE in USA

Stand Up Bolt Hole Marker

20150911_IMG_1646Our Stand-Up Bolt Hole markers has all the same great features of the hand held universal bolt hole marker but lets you work standing up.  Just hit the top of the handle with your hammer and the mark is put in the right place all the while saving your back and knees!








Part# LA-BHMSU Stand-up Bolt Hole Marker

Part# LA-BHMHH Hand Held Bolt Hole Marker